Author: Annie Pham

4 key reasons for choosing Vietnam for outsourcing your next IT projects

Outsourcing is no longer a trend; it is a proven approach to help companies reap the financial benefits, focus on their expertise and specific objectives. With IT projects, outsourcing is more accessible as the process can be done entirely online. So, your company might be searching which country provides the best employees for your following…
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Finland Vietnam 2016-2020

Cooperation between Finland & Vietnam 2016-2020

Finland and Vietnam have been key development cooperation partners for almost four decades. The Finnish-Vietnamese bilateral relations have gradually shifted to mutually beneficial cooperation focusing on commercial, economic, and trade. Grants, investments, and trade exchange volume between Finland and Vietnam a clear indicator of the strong cooperation relations. In recent decades, Vietnam has developed rapidly…
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Let’s Celebrate Independence Day of Vietnam 2020!

September 2nd, 1975 was truly an utmost special day for the whole Vietnam nation which is a historical event associated with the current Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Today, after 75 years, Vietnam has made tremendous progress to become one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia. The Diplomacy has made great efforts to implement multilateral diplomacy…
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Dealflow – The AI-powered service connects Finnish companies with international investors

Dealflow, an online platform, brings Finnish startups and growing companies closer to global investors with AI power. The platform helps investors search and match with potential companies in different industries (fintech, agriculture, health tech, environment, and many more) to make investments. The searching process can be filtered by technology use (AI, machine learning, big data,…
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Approval of EU-Vietnam Trade Agreements

EVFTA is approved by the EU Parliament: a new chapter for the international trade relations for Vietnam and EU members “The EU-Vietnam trade agreement, the most modern and ambitious agreement ever concluded between the EU and a developing country,” is officially approved by the European Parliament today, on February 12, 2020! Congratulations! It is good…
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E-commerce landscape in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Startup Landscape in 2020

With the rapidly growing rate of the internet economy, the internet penetration in Vietnam (66% in 2019), and the tremendous support from the Vietnamese government, the tech startup landscape in Vietnam is now bustling than ever. Concurrently, there is a surging inflow of foreign investment more than US$30 Billion. Vietnam has seen the numerous tech…
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Helsinki Coffee Festival 2020

Helsinki Coffee Festival – The biggest coffee event in the Nordics

Once again, Helsinki Coffee Festival, the biggest coffee festival in the Nordics, comes for the 6th time. This year, it will be on 17.4 – 19.4.2020. For coffee producers: All the major players in the coffee industry in the world will gather to introduce their companies and showcase their best products to Finland, the largest…
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Vietnam International Coffee Expo 2019

Last week, the largest international trade fair features Coffee, Tea, and Bakery sector occurred in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the 4th time. The Expo showcased more than 200 brands and companies from eight countries in Asia with about 30,000 visitors and buyers. The event presented a wide range of tea and coffee products,…
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Vietnam’s Top 5 sustainable Import-Export industries

Vietnam’s economy is currently emerging rapidly. One of the key drivers that contribute significantly to the real GDP is international trading. Besides its geographical position and advantages in low-cost, high-quality manufacturing and sourcing, Vietnam intensively puts effort into integrating into the global value chain with many free trade agreements (FTAs). Some of the highlights FTAs…
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Why and how to do business in Vietnam?

Your business is ready to go global? Are you interested in Asian markets? Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. With a population of 96 million inhabitants and 70 percent of the population is under 35 years old, Vietnam has made it a great potential markets for any type of final goods.…
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